What Is a Micropreneur?

Feb 15, 2022

Do you run a small-scale business or put your free time into focusing on freelance projects? If so, you qualify as a micropreneur! Micropreneurs operate with minimal resources and provide services to a few clients, hence the term micro!

Typically, micropreneurs only have one to five employees who complete business operations. While being a solo business owner is a dream for many, this goal is anything but easy. In this article, we will explore what a micropreneur is and how you can find a community within this space. 

You Are One of Many 

Believe it or not, there are more micropreneurs than any other type of small business owner. 95% of small businesses are microbusinesses! So if you are someone who is operating in this space, know that you are not alone. Networking and connecting with other like-minded thinkers can help you build your business in this space. Joining Facebook groups, interest sites, or online seminars can help you make these connections and speak with others who know what it takes to be a micropreneur.

Micropreneurs Wear Many Hats

If you are someone who acts as a CEO, marketing specialist, financial advisor, sales representative, and technology manager all for the same company, you are likely a micropreneur. Micropreneurs wear many hats. It’s all in the nature of the business! Your startup is just small enough for you to manage all of these aspects but too small to outsource help. When you are faced with challenges, it’s up to you to find solutions! 

Opportunities Are Everywhere 

Micropreneurs know that opportunity is everywhere; it’s all about building a strategy to tap into these resources! If you are someone who focuses on using all of your knowledge and hunger to learn and produce great results, you are a micropreneur (who will thrive in this space!)

Small-Group or Solo Work Is Best 

Micropreneurs work best when they are locked into their focus zone in a solo space. Independent work is the name of the game here! This doesn’t mean that you should be discouraged from using the resources made available to you; it simply means that when the going gets tough, you are able to get scrappy and make solutions work on your own. Small-group work is also best for those who operate as micropreneurs, because they can rely on a small circle of teammates who help tackle bigger projects. 

Micropreneurs Are Creative 

When operating on a small scale, it’s crucial to offer a product or service that can not be easily obtained by a larger corporation. This is why creativity is the name of the game! Micropreneurs have to provide value to clients that is unique enough to keep them from using a bigger name in the space. With customer care, creativity, and personalized attention, micropreneurs can do just that. 

If you have a craving for starting your own small business, we encourage you to join the wonderful world of micropreneurs! Need help getting started with your business from a financial standpoint? Bottom Line Consulting has you covered with bookkeeping, management consulting, and startup support. Contact us today to learn more!