Why You Always Need a Business Budget and How To Set One Up

Feb 15, 2023

Running a business is exciting, stressful, and expensive! In order to keep your customers happy, you will need to ensure that your business is budgeted to succeed. The livelihoods of your employees depend on your ability to properly estimate burn rate, run rate, and plan for the future growth of your organization. In this article, we will explore why you always need a business budget and how you can set one up in the new year.

Why Is Budgeting Important?

Budgeting is an important aspect of many facets of life, not just when building a business. Individuals use budgeting to help them plan for big purchases, small investments, and even little trips to the grocery store for essentials. Budgeting helps you forecast the amount of money that you are going to spend in order to survive and thrive, while also having a little left over for a rainy day. Budgeting is essential for businesses, especially in an unpredictable economy like the one we are experiencing today. 

How To Set Up a Budget

By setting a proper budget, you will be able to allocate the appropriate amount of funds to each of your business sectors, while having the confidence of knowing that you have enough runway to get you to the end of the year.

Strategic Planning

In order to start your budgeting plan, it is important to devise a strategic road map for your business. Be extremely intentional about every investment you make for your organization. Decide whether the items that you are wanting to purchase for your business are wants or needs. Always invest in the needs, while discussing with key stakeholders about the wants or nice-to-haves for your organization.

Attract Investors

A big reason businesses like to budget is to make their overall financial strategy stronger. The stronger the financial strategy, the longer the business will be able to withstand itself. This means that potential investors and customers will see your business as a smart and stable operation. This can help you expand into new markets and grow overall revenue.

Start By Setting Goals

To start your budgeting journey, you will want to begin with goal setting. Decide what your main goals are for the year and then separate them by quarter. It is important to revisit your budget at the end of each quarter so that you can adjust your spending based on market trends and new business needs. If your goal is to extend your runway, you will want to cut down on spending. If your goal is to be a high-growth company, you will need significant funds to make big investments to achieve this objective.

Adjust Your Monthly Burn

The best way to help the overall hygiene of your budget is to adjust your monthly burn rate. Your burn rate is the amount of money that your organization spends each month doing business. Reducing your burn rate will allow you to extend your runway so that your organization can last longer. By doing so, you can be confident that you will have enough money in the bank to pay all of your employees and continue to afford the systems and tools needed to do business. 

Speak With a Professional 

Making a budget is no easy feat! This is especially true if you are a small business with little experience. Speaking with a financial professional can help you have confidence in your ability to plan for the future. In a market and economy as unpredictable as this one, there is no better time to talk to a consultant about your business’s goals and how to get there.¬†

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