Is Your Business TOO Busy? Managing Business Structure

Mar 15, 2023

If you own or operate a small business, there have certainly been times when you have felt in over your head. Running an organization is no small feat, and it really does take a village. How do you know when you are experiencing the good stress that comes with success and growth, versus an overwhelming and unorganized business structure? 

In this article, we answer just that. Let’s explore how to discover if your business is too busy, and how to manage your business structure so that you can reach operational goals and maintain employee happiness. 

Look to Do a Reorganization

When was the last time you took a peek at your organizational structure? Are you operating with the highest level of efficiency possible? It’s important to recalibrate your structure and headcount every quarter, especially if you are a small business. Take time to recalibrate your headcount and goals, so that you can track your metrics and make sure you are pacing to success. If you need to do a reorganization, consider functional or divisional models for first-time CEOs. 

Outsource Your Headcount 

Outsourcing your headcount can be a great way to lower operating cost while still getting tasks done. In some cases, your business will become more efficient as you are able to accomplish more for less cost! 

Using freelancing sites such as UpWork or Fivver are great ways to set a budget and hire freelance talent. You will also save big on typical costs that are associated with hiring full-time employees. When hiring freelance employees, you can avoid having to pay for benefits such as health plans, well-being stipends, software, and technology such as computers and work-from-home comforts. 

Automate What You Can

When in doubt, automate tasks out! The more you can program your technology to do for you, the less you will forget when trying to juggle too many things at once when operating a busy business. Use your software to your advantage and see what programs you can automate through workflows or other plugins, the options may surprise you! 

Don’t Forget About Employee Wellbeing 

Even during times of extreme business, auditing, reorganization, or headcount adjustments, prioritizing employee wellbeing is not to be ignored. It can be easy for employee well-being to be glanced over, especially when times get busy at an organization. Activities such as happy hours, virtual game events, or full 1-1 meetings can seem low-priority in a time of high business need. However, it is important to remember that you can’t do it alone! Employee retention is key to keeping projects on track, as recruiting, training, and onboarding can become expensive and add an extra lift to HR teams. 

We hope this article helped you reevaluate your business’s general practices and organizational structure. As businesses grow and develop, it is important to constantly be reevaluating your business structure, goals, and employee relations themes. For expert advice on how to best plan for your business’s success, contact Bottom Line Consulting today!